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A Ninja Or Shinobi Was A Covert Agent Or Mercenary In Feudal Japan The Functions Of The Ninja Included Espionage Sabotage Infiltration Assination And Guerrilla Wfare Their Covert Methods Of Waging Irregular Wfare Were Deemed Dishonorable And Beneath The Samurai Caste Who Observed Strict Rules About Honor And Bat The Shinobi Proper A Specially Trained Group Of Spies And Mercenaries Appeared In The Th Century During The Sengoku Period But Aecedents May Have Existed In The Th Century And Possibly In The Th Century Heian Or Early Kamakura Era In The Unrest Of The Sengoku Period Th Centuries Mercenaries And Spies For Hire Became Active In The Iga Province And The Adjacent Area Around The Village Of K Ga And It Is From The Area S Clans That Much Of Our Knowledge Of The Ninja Is Drawn Following The Unification Of Japan Under The Tokugawa Shogunate Th Century The Ninja Faded Into Obscurity A Number Of Shinobi Manuals Often Based On Chinese Military Ilosophy Were Written In The Th And Th Centuries Most Notably The Baenshukai By The Time Of The Meiji Restoration The Tradition Of The Shinobi Had Be E A Topic Of Popular Imagination And Mystery In Japan Ninja Figured Prominently In Legend And Folklore Where They Were Associated With Legendary Abilities Such As Invisibility Walking On Water And Control Over The Natural Elements As A Consequence Their Perception In Popular Culture Is Often Based More On Such Legend And Folklore Than On The Spies Of The Sengoku Period
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